Costumer satisfaction & helping them achieve their business goals is our #1 focus.

Fox Motors

"Our experience has been fantastic with Bennett Media Group (BMG). Their commercials are second to none, whether it's the creativity or placement of the ads . They handle everything for us."

Superior Eye Health & Vision

"We've been happy working with Bennett Media Group (BMG), a local professional media group, who's been able to take our plan from concept, to creation, to implementation. Thank you for making our vision a reality"

Third Street Bagel

"They listened to me and that was the most important thing."

The Window Store & The Barrier Free Store

"The results that we get from BMG are amazing. We present them with an idea and then they take that idea and really expand on that idea for us."

First National Bank and Trust

"We wanted to go into digital marketing. We had a set of goals and they were able to put together a digital plan that worked for us and helped reach our markets. Since then we have expanded on them and have had great success."

"By providing us with a well-rounded advertising plan and assisting with digital presence, Bennett Media Group has ensured that we are making the most strategic decisions with our advertising dollars. Working with the BMG team has been fabulous. With fresh ideas, talent and genuine desire to see us grow as dental practice, there’s no doubt our decision to work with BMG was the right one."

The John Fornetti Dental Center

“We have worked with John and his crew on several projects and have been beyond pleased with the results. They are quality professionals who understood the value of customer communication around the creative and the financial aspects of the work.”

Marquette Community Foundation

"The team at Bennett Media Group provided a highly professional experience and had a thorough understanding of design - both the creative side and the application! Communication with designer Shanna and Business Manager, Christopher was prompt and consistent. Throughout the whole process, the BMG team was incredibly patient, active problem solvers, and straightforward. If you choose to work with BMG, you are in good hands."

Peter White Public Library